Principal's Message

I regularly tell kids and families that people should go out an try things! If they end up not being for you, do something else. But middle school is a great place to dabble to see what you might really like and RMS has incredible options for kids. Clubs, including robotics, nanowrimo (writing), Latinos Unidos, chess, brain swag (early morning PE), and after school floor hockey have either just started or are starting soon. Get involved!

One of the things I'm giving a try this year is a basic twitter feed. My twitter handle is @PrincipalMaus. I'm going to use it to send out some school information from time to time. For better or worse, I will not be using it to reply to people. You should never expect any kind of reply from me on twitter, but you're always welcome and encouraged to share issues and concerns to my school email.

This is a test, so we'll see how it goes.
Mr. Maus